Hey, I’m Alleli. If you can’t say my name, that’s okay. I’m used to it.  Obviously, my name isn’t very traditional- I was named after my mom’s best friend who lives in the Philippines.  I grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Bon Iver…holler!) and am still proud to call it my hometown. Since graduating from high school, I’ve been fairly nomadic with school and big cities. Memphis, so far, has been my longest stay…and hottest.

    I’ve been involved with music in some way, shape, or form for most of my life. My mom sat me down at the piano when I was 4 and taught me Chopsticks. The rest was history from there. I've played piano in my high school jazz band, bass clarinet (like a geek) in high school band, drums, guitar and bass for church, and lead worship for the middle school and high school youth groups in my hometown church for a few years. The one instrument that has really stuck with me has been the guitar. We have a love/hate relationship with one another, but I’ll keep it around.

    Beyond making music, I enjoy snowboarding, Arrested Development, and a good cup of iced coffee. I am also an Apple enthusiast and enjoy some occasional technology troubleshooting. If there is a puzzle/problem to be solved, I’m in.

    This band has been a pretty crazy ride- a lot has happened to us and to me personally as well. I am humbled by the opportunity to learn and grow as Laramie’s electric guitar player.