Charlotte's Waltz 

© 2013 Laramie Renae

Ah um, she stares at the ring on his finger
The gold is no threat to her goal
Ah um, When she see what she wants she will get it
And raise all the good into mess

Ah um, she tries and she tries, he won’t notice
He passes her by like a stone
Ah um, she won’t settle to be something strange
And she'll prey and she'll prey 'til she's won

His heart’s not for sale, she can't have him
But it doesn't matter she goes anyway
She can run through the streets, they can't see her
But it doesn't matter she goes anyway

Ah um, in the dark she find comfort for her head
And races to run from the dawn
Ah um, she sees things that should all be lifeless
Can’t see that there’s no life among the dead

Ah um, oh Father the voices she’s hearing
Don’t tell her the truth anymore
Ah um, she can’t get not one man’s attention
She’s moving through the crowd without a sound

There’s no life in her bones, does she know this? 
It doesn’t matter she goes anyway
She can’t see that her heart is unconscious
But it doesn’t matter she goes anyway

She runs to where she knows she’s safe
Well she’s never safe anymore

“Maybe if my memory is broken I’ll want it back
And take control of all the things that I could not have
And then one day when rain washes over the lies”

“Maybe I’ll be whole enough to see and to be seen
Walking down the street without the voices encroaching
On all my thoughts and my loves and my fears and my soul”

You can’t tell her she’s wrong, she can’t hear you
But it doesn’t matter you call anyway
If her soul was awake she could live long
But it doesn’t matter she goes anyway
If only her blood freely ran through her cold veins
It wouldn’t have mattered she’s gone anyway
You can’t bring back to life what you’ve lost once
But it doesn’t matter you try anyway
You can’t live while you’re stalled, it’s a jail cell
But it doesn’t matter you live anyway
Once you see that you’ve lost what you’re made for
Oh it won’t matter you’ve gone anyway