The Good Men 


Seen him walkin’ down the road today
He has no fear
He has no way

Made a conversation with a poor lost soul
I told him here
I told him go

He stopped to look me in the eye
Said “I have one wish before I die”

He said tell me where do all the good men go?
Do they sleep in peace or does He rot their souls?
Tell me before I lose it all
Before I lose it all

I said “I have one fear ‘bout telling’ you,
There’s just one thing you’ll have to do…
Don’t let the things you’ve told yourself
Become the truth that sends you to hell.
They’ll send you my friend…”

This is what I plan to do
I’ll live my life until it’s through
Oh Father please save my soul
I’ll dig my own grave if there’s hope at all
For a place in the sky

Bless my heart before I go to rest
Bless my heart before I lose my head
He said “tell me where do all the good men go?"